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We Serve The Greenville Area

Individualize your style with printed custom shirts and other items from Milk Prints.

We offer screen printed t-shirts, hoodies, hats, vehicle wraps, and banners for a great price
and we cater to the Greenville, SC, area.

What Is Milk Prints?

Milk Prints is a company based on creating custom shirts and other items that are unique, innovative, and outside the typical bounds.

We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on creating short and long sleeve shirts as well as hoodies. Each of our custom items are designed to be distinctive and remarkable. In addition to clothes, we also produce custom banners and vehicle wraps.

You can create custom shirts for your employees and help to market your own company or you can request a few shirts just to set yourself apart from others all over the Greenville area. Milk Prints strives to be a company that thinks outside the typical bounds of normality while also helping you to advertise in a comfortable and stylish manner.  

About Our Unique Printed Custom Shirts

We can do any type of style of shirt. Some of what we can offer when it comes to unique printed custom shirts varies from Comfort Colors, Alternative, and Gildan. Some of what Comfort Colors includes is 100 percent ring-spun cotton shirts, preshrunk material, and dyed fabric.

A few features of the Alternative option offers a ladies contemporary fit, garment washed, and 40s 100 percent cotton jersey. The Gildan choice features colors such as Heather Navy, Orange, and Military Green. You can find a full selection of our styles in our catalog.

Catering To The Greenville Area

Greenville, SC, is a large city in upstate South Carolina. With so many businesses in the area, a printed custom shirt is perfect for employees to wear. Each of the shirts we create are great for your employees to wear because they can advertise for your company. Graphic DesignCustom shirts these days aren’t just for people to show off their individual style; they are also a great form of advertising. The real coy maneuver to market for your business is to make sure that the shirts are stylish, relatable, and unique. An employee can wear their work shirt every day to a job, but if the shirt is creative and comfortable, then it will make the cut to wear out for a night or while the worker is running errands.

When you create shirts that have the logo of your restaurant or a company in a unique style, then your staff are much more likely to wear it out in public and get the word out about your business. After all the best form of advertising is word of mouth and what better way to get word of mouth started than by wearing a printed custom shirt around Greenville?  

If you’re interested in printed custom apparel, large format printed banners, or vehicle wraps, then it’s time that you fill out a form and submit it to Milk Prints. We look forward to creating individualized, printed custom shirts and other gear for you.


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