Types of T-shirt Fabrics

Tri Blend

Types of T-shirt Fabrics The fabric landscape is ever evolving. To help you navigate here is a list of fabric types.  Last updated 10/17/2017 Burn-out Fabric treated with a chemical process that leaves sheer patches for a hipster look. Combed cotton Fine brushes are used to eliminate short strands and straighten fibers, making the fabric…

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Can I Bring My Own Shirts?


Can I Bring My Own Shirts? Last Updated 10/6/2017 The short answer is no. Here is why…. Anytime shirts are provided by the client, you run the risk of having no experience with the brand or fabric content, which opens doors to unexpected issues. Most shirts are treated with a finish or some other mystical…

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Custom T-shirts For Fundraising

Custom T-shirts For Fundraising-Leukemia

Custom T-shirts For Fundraising Last updated September 28,2017   It’s hard enough to complete a fundraiser walk/run. You have a lot to do. Everything from organizing the team, meeting and printing your team shirts,  raising the bucks and maybe a little practice.   Your team shirts should be a stress free experience. The hard truth…

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Start A Clothing Line

Custom Printed T-shirt

So you have a great idea for a T-shirt company?  It’s simple right? Come up with some cool designs, post them online and watch the money roll in. Before you know it you are sitting on Shark Tank. We get calls every week from creative minds like yours, excited about starting their own clothing line.…

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Eterioir & Interioir Business Sign

Milk Prints PVC Coroplast Sign Greenville SC

Milk Prints Business Sign We recently installed an exterior PVC sign for ARMS Tax & Accounting in Greenville, SC. PVC is a nice material for external an sign. PVC is light weight material and relatively easy to hang or move. PVC or Coroplast signs are quite handsome and are durable against the elements. At Milk Prints we…

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Vehicle Wraps In Greenville, SC

Milk Prints Van Wrap Greenville, SC

Vehicle Wraps In Greenville, SC Everything old is new again. At least on the surface. We recently wrapped a Chevy Cargo Van for our friends at Kitchen Solvers of Greer, SC. I have to say it turned out fantastic. The graphics are so sharp you actually feel like you are standing in a kitchen. The added…

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Custom T-shirts

Milk Prints contest t-shirt Win 24 Printed T-shirts Greenville, SC

Custom T-shirts What a fun way to share your message. It Starts with the Perfect Product. The Milk Prints team tests out every style and color for impeccable printability, durability, and fit. Discover over 400 styles from your favorite brands to customize for any group or event. See our full Custom T-shirt catalog here.  Say goodbye to…

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Black Edge Business Cards

Milk Prints Black Edge Cards

Black Edge Business Cards Sturdy, multilayered black edge business cards consist of a black-colored core fixed between two layers of bright white, premium uncoated face stock. The bold edge color on these 32pt ultra thick cards creates a sleek and modern appeal so they stand out from the rest! The name of the game in this noisy…

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